Open call for makers and creative thinkers

The open call for our lab is closed since 21 February 2021. We have received 140 ideas and a selection has been made. More updates about our lab will follow soon. In the meantime, check our Instagram or receive updates per mail.

What will society look like ten, or even a hundred years from now? What is tomorrow’s theatre? What role will technology play? Many art forms encompass a story within them, but the form in which we tell those stories are becoming increasingly distant due to the complex society we live in. So how do we tell the stories of tomorrow with today’s technology? Together with other creatives, we’d like to answer these questions in our new interdisciplinary research lab. In this endeavor, innovation, co-creation and inclusivity are paramount.

That’s why we are looking for makers, thinkers and creatives within the art sector and beyond.

Do you have a background in theater, music, art, performance, spoken word or new media? Or do you work in the game industry, the social field, education, science or technology (think: 3D engineer or programmer)? Do you have urgent stories to tell about tomorrow’s society? Do you have an idea that you would like to experiment on and implement, regarding theater of the future? We offer a platform to make your idea possible.

In our interdisciplinary research lab, we will be spending the next few years building tomorrow’s theater together. We are searching for new stories and novel forms to explore the possibilities of light, sound, music, video and other technologies. We will also be initiating connections with different sectors such as the gaming industry, with which we will experiment with mixed-reality techniques, narrative audio tours, installation work and other innovative narrative forms. The platform is led by Thibaud Delpeut (director and artistic director) and Abdelhadi Baaddi (beatboxer, dancer, singer, actor and theater maker).

Send us your idea as a video pitch (max. three minutes) or on paper, together with your CV. It must include what you’d like to research and how you plan to do it, which disciplines and platforms you’re thinking of and how you think your idea with contribute to how we’ll experience theatre in the future. We will provide you the time, space, resources and tools to transform your idea into a concept then prototype, together with a multidisciplinary team. Financial compensation will be made available too. From all the submissions we will select twenty ideas to be pitched to us face to face, and from those ten will be chosen to be developed into concepts and prototypes. Developing the concepts and prototypes will have a timeline of about three weeks in the months March till August. Of the ten concepts five will be further developed into small-scale experiences for a live (or digitally live) audience.

For more information, kindly reach out to Abdelhadi Baaddi via [email protected].

First Pitch
Deadline: February 21st 2021
Video or on paper (max. three minutes or 400 words)
Send to: [email protected]

Live pitch and first development: March 2021 (one or two days)
Development of concept and prototype: three weeks in March until August 2021
Development and implementation of experience: September until November 2021
Availability in coordination and depending on the complexity of your idea.